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International shipping

Air Truck Railroad Sea

Shipping cost

To find out the exact amount, contact a DCT Logistics manager by filling out an online application on the website and requesting a call-back at a time convenient for you. Due to the variety of freight directions and types of delivered products, the final price calculation can only be made by our specialist after receiving the necessary information from the client.

Stages of international shipping

Communication with the shipper, determining the parameters of the shipment and the date of shipment

Control of acceptance of cargo, transportation, completeness of the goods of the batch and documents

Warehouse batch processing, forming of accompanying documents

Customs clearance in Russia

Deconsolidation at the warehouse in Moscow

Delivery to the final recipient

Types of deliveries

The main types of delivery, which carries out our company:
  • International trucking
  • International sea freight
  • International rail freight Multimodal freight
  • International container freight
In today's world, all modes of transport have unlimited possibilities. This makes it possible to deliver cargo urgently to any part of the world, you only need to choose the best mode of transportation and plan the route.


  • Availability of transportation
  • Ubiquity
  • Low cost
  • Low dependence on weather conditions

Air Transportation

  • Very fast
  • Long distances
  • High cost
  • Limitations on the characteristics of the load (weight, dimensions)
  • Dependent on weather conditions

Sea transportation

  • Universal
  • Higher load capacity
  • High cost
  • Dependent on weather conditions

Railroad transportation

  • Security
  • Stability
  • reliability
  • Lowest cost
  • High security of goods
  • Strict schedule
  • No dependence on weather
You have a shipment of goods, but it is not big enough to rent a truck or charter a ship? For such cases, the customs and logistics company DCT Logistics provides international transportation of groupage cargo. Joint shipment of cargoes from several customers, when each participant pays proportionally to the volume of his goods, allows significant reduction of freight costs. We know how to combine the goods of different customers to avoid transportation of incompatible products, for example, food products and household chemicals. DCT Logistics delivers goods by all modes of transport, as well as by a combined method as part of multimodal transportation.

International shipping

  • You need to deliver goods from any country in the world and arrange customs clearance within a short timeframe
  • You want to be able to track your deliveries at any time
  • Are you looking for a reliable shipping company who can expeditiously bring your equipment or other bulk goods into the country?
International cargo transportation is the specialization of our company. The employees of DCT Logistics are ready to undertake the most complex logistics operation. In our company you can order international cargo transportation to any part of the world by any mode of transport. We do not just transport goods from one destination to another, but provide a full range of services. We deliver cargo by rail, road, water. Specialists of the company carry out all customs clearance procedures, as well as certification of goods.