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Legal support for FEA

Drawing up and execution of foreign trade contract;
Preparation of documents for foreign trade transaction;
Preparation of answers to the inquiries and demands of the customs authorities, including during additional customs value verification and cameral customs inspection;
Refund of overpaid or collected customs payments;
Appealing against unlawful decisions of customs authorities on customs value adjustment;
Appealing against illegal decisions of customs bodies on classification of goods;
Protection of lawful rights and interests in the course of administrative proceedings for the violation of customs legislation;
And other problematic situations in the course of foreign economic activity.
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Additional customs payments

In-house inspections by the customs authorities may lead to changes in the classification codes of products under the TN VED EEU declared during clearance. Changes in the codes in turn result in additional charges, a procedure that is not explicitly stipulated in the law. However, under the current legislation, namely, No. 311-FZ of November 27, 2010 (Article 19), the customs have the official right to enforce the collection of various payments (taxes, duties, fees, interest, penalties, etc.).
Thus, the customs authority has the full right to additionally assess payments after checking the accuracy of the data specified in the declaration.
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Correction of customs value

No goods crossing the border can avoid customs control, and traders must declare the transported goods in accordance with the law. When declaring the customs value of goods, based on which duties and tax deductions are calculated, must be indicated.
If the figures are deliberately understated, it is a violation of the law and entails serious negative consequences - up to prosecution. All calculations are strictly controlled by customs officers and in case of discrepancies the amount specified in the declaration can be adjusted.
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Carrying out customs inspections

Entrepreneurs who are participants in FEA, periodically face the control of various authorities, in particular - the Customs Service.
It is almost impossible to prepare competently for such events, because representatives of the inspection, if they wish, can claim anything and not always reasonably.
Illegal actions of customs officers may result in an administrative or criminal case initiated against the declarant.
The main tool for the protection of a foreign trade participant is a thorough knowledge of the provisions of the law.
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TN VED EEU: Correction of goods code

The customs authority's disagreement with the goods code as declared in the customs declaration in most cases results in additional financial costs for the participant in foreign economic activities associated with additional charges. If the declarant does not agree with the adjustment of the HS code, he has the legal right to challenge the decision made by the inspector and appeal it in court or to a higher customs authority.
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Appeals against decisions of customs authorities

Unlawful actions of customs officers become a significant obstacle to foreign economic activity.
However, many participants in FEA for various reasons do not want to enter into disputes with customs officials, being afraid to create unnecessary problems for themselves.
This is a fundamentally wrong approach - any unreasonable decision of a customs authority can always be appealed legally.
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