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Customs clearance

All commercial consignments of goods crossing the customs border are subject to customs clearance.
Customs clearance means compliance with all legal formalities depending on your objectives: transit through the territory of the Russian Federation, release of goods for free circulation, processing outside the customs territory, and so on.
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Entering the trois

The TROIS registration procedure begins with the submission of an appropriate application to the Federal Customs Service, as well as documents on the existence of intellectual property rights.
There is also an opportunity to submit product samples which confirm the infringement of rights. The time for consideration of the application by the Federal Customs Service should not exceed 1 month from the date of submission of documents.
Note that the Federal Customs Service has the right to request additional documents from the right holder - they are provided no later than 10 days after receiving the request.
After a positive decision, the intellectual property object is registered in the TROIS and the relevant data are transmitted to the customs authorities.
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Temporary admission

Temporary importation is the customs procedure that allows foreign goods to be temporarily imported into the customs territory of the EEU with full or partial exemption from duties and taxes.
When the period of temporary importation expires, the goods must be placed under the re-exportation procedure and taken out of the country.
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Class solutions

In order to minimize the risk of inaccurate declaration, in particular the determination of the commodity code in accordance with the Unified Goods Nomenclature of Foreign Economic Activities of the Eurasian Economic Union (TN VED EEU), foreign trade participants have the right to apply to the customs authorities to obtain a preliminary classification decision, professionally known as class decision.
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Calculation of customs fees

The final cost of products depends not only on the amount spent on wholesale purchase, but also on all the costs, hidden from the eyes of the average consumer, for rent, marketing, payroll, and foreign trade activities. In particular, this includes the cost of delivery, storage, taxes and customs payments.
Customs payments are the costs of import (import) and export (export) duty, excise, VAT, customs fees.
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